Xiong, Wei; et al. (2018): CO2 Mineral Sequestration in Naturally Porous Basalt

Xiong, Wei; Wells, Rachel K.; Horner, Jake A.; Schaef, Herbert T.; Skemer, Philip A.; Giammar, Daniel E. (2018): CO2 Mineral Sequestration in Naturally Porous Basalt. In Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. 5 (3), pp. 142–147. DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.8b00047.

"We experimentally investigated mineral carbonation in whole core samples retrieved from the Grand Ronde basalt, the same formation into which ∼1000 t of CO2 was recently injected in an eastern Washington pilot-scale demonstration. The rate and extent of carbonate mineral formation at 100 °C and 100 bar were tracked via time-resolved sampling of bench-scale experiments. Basalt cores were recovered from the reactor after 6, 20, and 40 weeks, and three-dimensional X-ray tomographic imaging of these cores detected carbonate mineral formation in the fracture network within 20 weeks."


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