Wu, X.; et al. (2018): Advances in the Evaluation of Cloud Seeding

Wu, X.; Yan, N.; Yu, H.; Niu, S. J.; Meng, F.; Liu, Weiqi; Sun, H. (2018): Advances in the Evaluation of Cloud Seeding. Statistical Evidence for the Enhancement of Precipitation. In: Earth and Space Science. DOI: 10.1029/2018EA000424.

"We describe important issues, aiming to reduce systematic errors and uncertainties in statistical tests as well as increase the level of quantitative sounding and evaluation. Firstly, a regularized set of design and operation in the steps should be established to optimize techniques of cloud seeding. Secondly, the latest achievements in atmospheric physics, physical sounding and statistics need to be introduced to help improve the correctness and scientificity. Thirdly, middle-and long-term specialresearch projects are expected to investigate the influence of ideal hypotheses of seedingschemes,  statistical test plans, and statistical methods."


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