Whyte, Kyle (2012): Indigenours People, Solar Rediation Management, and Consent

Grey literature publication on the indigenous view on SRM.

"Funding research on solar radiation management (SRM) is now a policy option for
responding to climate change due to the perception that international abatement efforts are
creeping along too slowly. SRM research presents a range of problems concerning consent for
Indigenous peoples.1 Indigenous peoples’ landscapes may risk rapid, unforeseen changes that
will force communities either to respond under great hardship or migrate elsewhere. Since the
science and engineering behind SRM are esoteric to non-experts, legitimate concerns arise about
transparency and procedural justice. Indigenous peoples may also contest the very idea of human
“control” of global temperatures. In this paper, I will examine what it would take for parties
interested in funding, designing, and carrying out early SRM research to fairly respect members
and leaders of Indigenous peoples in their current discourses."


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