Strassburg, Bernardo B. N.; et al. (2020): Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration

Strassburg, Bernardo B. N.; Iribarrem, Alvaro; Beyer, Hawthorne L.; Cordeiro, Carlos Leandro; Crouzeilles, Renato; Jakovac, Catarina C. et al. (2020): Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration. In Nature. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2784-9.

"Here we develop and apply a multicriteria optimization approach that identifies priority areas for restoration across all terrestrial biomes, and estimates their benefits and costs. We find that restoring 15% of converted lands in priority areas could avoid 60% of expected extinctions while sequestering 299 gigatonnes of CO2—30% of the total CO2 increase in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution."


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