Security and Peace (Sicherheit und Frieden, S+F): Special issue "Geoengineering: An Issue for Peace and Security?"

Special issue of the Journal S+F with texts based on the international conference in Hamburg November 2011.


Brzoska et al.: Geoengineering – Möglichkeiten und Risiken

Maas et al.: Climate Conflicts 2.0? Climate Engineering as a Challenge for International Peace and Security

Fleming: Will Geoengineering Bring Security and Peace? What does History Tell us?

Proelss: Geoengineering and International Law

Klepper: What are the Costs and Benefits of Climate Engineering? And Can We Assess Them?

Hiller: Public Perception of Geoengineering

Harnisch: Minding the Gap? CE, CO2 Abatement, Adaptation and the Governance of the Global Climate

Robock: Is Geoengineering Research Ethical?


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