Rickels, W.; et al. (2018): Integrated Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal

Rickels, W.; Reith, F.; Keller, D.; Oschlies, A.; Quaas, M. F. (2018): Integrated Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal. In Earth's Future 6 (3), pp. 565–582. DOI: 10.1002/2017EF000724.

"We analyze optimal and cost-effective climate policies in the dynamic integrated assessment model (IAM) of climate and the economy (DICE2016R) and investigate (1) the utilization of (ocean) CDR under different climate objectives, (2) the sensitivity of policies with respect to carbon cycle feedbacks, and (3) how well carbon cycle feedbacks are captured in the carbon cycle models used in state-of-the-art IAMs."


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