Raimi, Kaitlin T. (2021): Public Perceptions of Geoengineering

Raimi, Kaitlin T. (2021): Public Perceptions of Geoengineering. In Current Opinion in Psychology. DOI: 10.1016/j.copsyc.2021.03.012.

"In the face of unrelenting climate change and insufficient mitigation, experts are increasingly considering using geoengineering—carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM)—to manipulate the Earth’s climate. So far, most laypeople are unaware of geoengineering and many are resistant to these technologies when told about them. A growing literature finds that these initial reactions are tied to psychological traits, beliefs, and identities including trust in the actors involved, political and social identities, beliefs about tampering with the natural world, and perceived tradeoffs between geoengineering and alternative approaches. Finally, given the lack of existing knowledge of geoengineering, public acceptance is highly susceptible to how these technologies are framed, offering both risks and opportunities for climate communication."


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