Public Event at the Berlin Symposium: Pointing Science: Climate Engineering - Views Onto a Man-Made Climate

Public Event - July 9 • 19:00 h - at the Symposium

"On thursday evening we invite you to take part in our 'Pointing science' knowledge show 'Climate Engineering • Views Onto a Man-Made Climate' . Pointing science is a media-based show, in which experts as well as the audience are able to participate. The direction of the discussion is determined by the audience, who votes for topics using laser pointers. The combination of scientific expertise, entertaining elements and an active audience enables a lively transfer of complex and diverse knowledge. In preparation to the show experts and laymen were interviewed on different aspects of climate engineering. These interviews were then edited to small video clips, which are offered on a screen for voting during the show and present a broad spectrum of perspectives. In addition, life comments from experts on stage or contributions from the audience via microphone, SMS or twitter will be offered. However, who is going to contribute is determined by the audience. This format enables a lively, self-organized and democratic discussion on a complex topic, such as Climate Engineering.

Developer and producer of the show are Tobias Hülswitt and Gunther Kreis who successfully used this format with other complex and controversial topics."


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