[press review] Iron fertilization in Canada/Haida Gwaii (7th update, 05.09.'13)

Press review with the media coverage of the iron fertilization project at the Pacific west coast of Canada. There has been massive media feedback since the 15.10.2012 'guardians' report. - There are some updates from 2013.


the guardian: World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules

treehugger: Ocean Geoengineering Experiment Likely Broke International Law

The Vancouver Sun: Geoengineering experiment off B.C. coast called ‘blatant violation’ of UN rules Environmental controversy erupts on Canada’s Pacific coast

Deep Sea News: Here We Go Again With Dumping Iron Into the Ocean

yaleenvironment360: ‘Rogue’ Geoengineering Scheme: In Pacific Violated UN Rules, Groups Say

16.10.'12 Geoengineering experiment off B.C. coast called ‘blatant violation’ of UN rules

CBCnews: Iron fertilization project stirs West Coast controversy

Times Colonist: Haida Gwaii: 'We have created life out there' 100 tonnes of iron sulphate dumped off Canada’s Pacific coast

ScienceBlogs: World’s biggest geoengineering experiment ‘violates’ UN rules?

LiveScience: Illegal Iron Dumping Spawns Huge Algal Bloom Seen from Space

Discovery News: Geoengineering Nut Dumps Tons of Iron Into Ocean

wonkblog: When geoengineering goes rogue

global post: Geoengineering experiment off Canadian coast is the world's largest ever

Times Colonist: Haida Gwaii: 'We have created life out there'

maribo blog: Is the iron fertilization project off Haida Gwaii a science experiment, business opportunity, or uncontrolled geoengineering?


the guardian: Canadian government 'knew of plans to dump iron into the Pacific'

NewScientist: Rogue geoengineer's ocean field test condemned

Popsci: Rogue Geoengineer Dumps 100 Tons Of Iron Off Canada's West Coast

Alaska Dispatch: Geoengineering 'experiment' off Canadian coast: 100 tons of iron sulfate dumped in ocean

redOrbit: Russ George Releases 100 Tons Of Iron Into Pacific

inhabitat: Rogue Geoengineering Experiment Creates Massive Algae Bloom in Pacific Ocean

TGDaily: Huge ocean fertilization project 'breaches geoengineering rules' Ocean Fertilization Beneficial to Carry out Experimental GeoEngineering Schemes Million-Dollar Slime, Canadian Wrist-Slapping, Organic Dog Bites Man

Environment: Ignoring geoengineering at our peril

Geoengineering Politics Blog: OIF Accusations Fly at CBD COP11

etc group: World’s Largest Geoengineering Deployment Off Coast of Canada’s British Columbia


NY Times Environment: A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists

The New Yorker: The First Geo-Vigilante

CommonDreams: Illegal Scheme Exemplifies Threat of Geoengineering

io9: A massive and illegal geoengineering project has been detected off Canada’s west coast

io9: Canada’s government knew about the geohacking project off its Pacific coast

Geoengineering Politics Blog: ETC Group Goes After Canadian Government Rogue geoengineering experiment dumps 100 tonnes of iron into the Pacific

RTCC: UN agreement urges caution over geoengineering tests

Elizabeth May(Green Party of Canada): The Feds May Have Known of Geoengineering Experiment in BC

AFP: Canada Green leader warns against fertilizing seas

National Geographic: Iron Fertilization: Savior to Climate Change or Ocean Dumping?

LiveScience: Rogue Dumping of Iron into Ocean Stirs Controversy

Huffington Post: Controversial BC Salmon Project Pits Haida Members Against Feds


the guardian: US businessman defends controversial geoengineering experiment

the guardian: Profitable climate fixes are too tempting for rogue geoengineers to resist

Huffington Post(+ video): Iron Dumping In The Pacific Ocean Stirs Controversy Over Geoengineering

Edmunton Journal: Feds, Haida at odds over program that saw iron dust deposited in ocean

Set you free news: Canadian Government Knew of Illegal Geoengineering Scheme

Geoengineering Politics Blog: Haida Scandal Appears Uninfluential in Hyderabad

CBCnews: West Coast ocean fertilization project defended by leaders

Outside: A Clockwork Planet

Slate: Will a Fishy Geoengineering Experiment Raise the Stakes of Global Environmental Law?

Winnipeg Free Press: Scientists warn deep ocean iron dump could have serious consequences for ocean

Science Wonks Blog: Thoughts about geoengineering

newsers: Rogue Bizman Dumps 100 Tons of Iron Into Sea in 'Experiment'

Chicago Tribune: Native village defends ocean experiment; Canada launches probe

Reuters: Native village defends ocean experiment; Canada launches probe

Deep Sea News: Satellite imagery of the rogue Canadian iron dumping experiment

Der Spiegel: US company fertilizes ocean (German language)

Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation: Press Kit


Times Colonist: Replacing iron in sea not pollution, village says

Living Oceans Society: Old Masset Iron Fertilization Scheme 

Geoengineering Politics Blog: Haida Experiment Appears to Violate CBD and LC/LP

The Bel Jar: ‘Rogue climate hacker’ dumps 100 tons of iron into the Pacific Ocean Rogue geoengineer creates massive Pacific plankton bloom

CTV News: Scientists warn iron dump could seriously harm ocean


Discovery News: Geoengineering Schemes Split Scientists

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Ocean fertilization horrified environmentalists (German)

Klima der Gerechtigkeit Blog: They are doing it anyway! (German)


The Vancouver Sun: Iron dumping in Haida Gwaii done to sell carbon credits, group claims

Planetsave: Canadian Government Knew About Controversial Sea Fertilisation


nature news: Ocean-fertilization project off Canada sparks furore

Geoengineering Politics Blog: Loan Documents Shed Additional Light on HSRC Project

Climate Central: Scientists Eat Crow on Geoengineering Test. Me, Too

adventure journal: Rogue Geo-Engineering Test Sparks Outrage

ScienceInsider: Legal? Perhaps. But Controversial Fertilization Experiment May Produce Little Science


Blue Living Ideas: Rogue Geoengineering Experiment Off the Coast of British Columbia

treehugger: Ocean Geoengineering Experiment May Not Have Broken Laws After All

Scientific American: Can Controversial Ocean Iron Fertilization Save Salmon?

Scientific American: Pacific Ocean Hacker Speaks Out

The Vancouver Sun: Haida iron-dumping project sought Swiss company to sell carbon credits

Radio Ecoshock News: Ocean Geoengineering: Serial Climate Hacking


The Gazette: Greatest risk of ocean experiment is that it will spawn more: critic

NewScientist: 'Geoengineering' project was about salmon fishery


Geoengineering Politics: Schoppmann Declined Role in Haida OIF Scheme


CTV News: B.C. geoengineering experiment attracts worldwide attention at UN

Canadian Awareness Network: 7.7 Earthquake Hits Where The Worlds Largest Geoengineering Experiment Took Place

The Sacramento Bee: Viewpoints: International forum must rein in rogues

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Private iron fertilization project in Canada (German)

The Monitoban (students's newspaper): Geoengineering trouble: Iron fertilization project denounced by scientists and activists


Earth Island: Ocean Fertilization Could be a Boon to Fish Stocks


The Province: Monkeying around with oceans is just stupid


FIS (Germany): Geoengineering experiments come to the forefront


CBC news: Iron dumping off B.C. draws UN group's condemnation

Times Colonist: UN group clashes with First Nation over iron dumping


ynet: Pacific Ocean experiment violating UN rules? UN group issues statement of concern over iron dumping off B.C.’s north coast


NPR: Can Dumping Iron Into The Sea Fight Climate Change?

Oceanographer's Choice Blog: NPR drops the ball on BC iron dump

Permaculture Research Institute: Ocean Fertilization Promotes Toxic Algae in Haida Gwaii


The Conversation: Mixing iron into the north Pacific stirs geo-engineering controversy


UCLA: Can dumping iron into the sea flight climate change?


The Mark: False Solutions to Real Problems


Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation: Satelite Views of Plankton Blooms


mulgrave efolio blog: Haida Gwaii & Ocean Iron Fertilization


etc group: Informational Backgrounder on the 2012 Haida Gwaii Iron Dump


CBCnews: B.C. village’s ocean fertilization experiment probed


Times Colonist: Haida readying for second round of iron dumping in ocean


The Globa and Mail: Haida group dumps man behind ocean fertilization


Huffington Post: Haida Gwaii Ocean Dump Project Leader Fired, But First Nation Still Backs It

The Province: Leader behind iron dump in ocean fired, but B.C. First Nation still backs project


Farrago: Messing with Nature


Reuters: Special Report: Experimental climate fixes stir hopes, fears, lawyers

New York Post: Canadian indigenous peoples fertilize ocean with 100 tons of iron dust


The Vancouver Sun (part1 | part2): Why was iron dumping a surprise?

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