[press review] CE effectiveness/side effects (on Keller, et al. (2014)) [update 11.03]

Press review on media responses to Keller, David P.; et al. (2014).


GEOMAR Kiel: Press release

live science: Geoengineering Ineffective Against Climate Change, Could Make Worse

dna india: Climate engineering is not working: Researchers

The Carbon Brief: Climate engineering may do more harm than good, according to new research

ScienceDaily: Climate engineering: Minor potential, major risk of side-effects?

Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Institution responds to new climate engineering research

NDR: Scientists warn about Climate Engineering (German)

Schaumburger Nachrichten (dpa): The climate cannot be saved (German)

Frankfurter Rundschau: Scientists: Manipulation on climate is not efficient but dangerous (German)

N24: Climate Interventions are Dangerous (German)

(A wide spectrum of lokal and regional German newspapers: Saarbrückener Zeitung, Neue Presse, Süd Kurier, Lausitzer Rundschau, Weser Kurier, Frankfurter Neue Presse, Berliner Zeitung, HAZ, Allgemeine Zeitung Coesfeld, Aachener Zeitung, etc.)


The Sydney Morning Herald: Geo-engineering no solution to dangerous climate change, study finds Climate science: A spanner in the works for climate engineering

Science Alert: Experts Respond: Exploring the side effects of geoengineering – experts respond

eco news: Study says geo-engineering no climate solution

DRadio Wissen: Scientists warn about Climate Engineering (German)

scinexx: More damage than benefits (German)

The Green Optimistic: Geoengineering Likely to Worsen Climate Change, Not Fight It

Common Dreams: Geoengineering: Path Towards Further Climate Chaos


Der Standard: Climate Engineering: Prevention is better than tinkering (German/Austrian)

The China Post: Study reveals geo-engineering is not an easy way to stop climate change

The Daily Star: Geoengineering no quick fix in fight against warming

Süddeutsche Zeitung: The last trail (German)


envirnomental research web: Climate Engineering: minor potential, major side effects Geoengineering has little impact on climate (Dutch)


climate news network: Climate technofixes ‘will not work’


Climate State: Geo-engineering (Climate-engineering) ‘will not work’


Earth Changes: Geoengineering Ineffective Against Climate Change, Could Make Worse

Klima der Gerechtigkeit: Climate Engineering ineffective and dangerous (German)

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