Mac Dowell, N.; et al. (2019): Negative Emissions: Priorities for Research and Policy Design

Mac Dowell, Niall; Fajardy, Mathilde; Daggash, Habiba; Patrizio, Piera (2019): Negative Emissions: Priorities for Research and Policy Design. In: Front. Clim. 1, S. 6. DOI: 10.3389/fclim.2019.00006.

"Five CDR technologies – including afforestation/reforestation, bioenergy with carbon capture and Storage, biochar, direct air capture and enhanced weathering – are compared in this work. We discuss main technical, socio-economic and regulatory bottlenecks that have been scarcely investigated at regional level, and provide directions for further research. We identify the availability of accessible land, water, low carbon energy and CO2 storage as key regional drivers and bottlenecks to most CDR technologies. We discuss the caveats in CO2 accounting in assessing the performance of each technology, and the need for an international regulatory framework which captures these differences."


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