Lempert, Robert J.; et al. (2018): Is Climate Restoration an Appropriate Climate Policy Goal?

Lempert, Robert J.; Marangoni, Giacomo; Keller, Klaus; Duke, Jessica (2018): Is Climate Restoration an Appropriate Climate Policy Goal? RAND Corporation (RR-2442-RC).

"This report offers an initial exploration of the concept of climate restoration — that is, approaches that seek to return atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to preindustrial levels within one to two generations. Using a simple integrated assessment model, the analysis examines climate restoration through the lens of risk management under conditions of deep uncertainty, exploring the technology, economic, and policy conditions under which it might be possible to achieve various climate restoration goals and the conditions under which society might be better off with (rather than without) a climate restoration goal. This report also explores near-term actions that might help manage the risks of climate restoration."


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