Geoengineering: Gambling with GAIA

Report by the ETC Group (2010). "Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s systems by artificially changing oceans, soils and the atmosphere. More than a set of technologies, however, it is a political strategy. Rather than nurturing and protecting biodiversity, geoengineering aims to create conditions that will allow us to sustain the excesses that brought on the current ecological and social crisis. It also allows the governments responsible for almost all historic greenhouse gas emissions to sidestep compensating the global South, which is not culpable in climate change but suffering its effects. In other words, geoengineering offers a technological “fix” to the same governments and industries that both created the climate crisis and failed to adopt policies that would mitigate its damage. The consequences of geoengineering activities, including real world experimentation, are global. [...] In Nagoya, Parties to the CBD will decide whether or not the Precautionary Approach will be applied not only to ocean fertilization, but also to all other geoengineering activities that are currently being contemplated by a growing group of scientists and policymakers in the global North."

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