Fasihi, M.; et al. (2019): Techno-economic assessment of CO2 direct air capture plants

Fasihi, M.; Efimova, O.; Breyer, C. (2019): Techno-economic assessment of CO2 direct air capture plants. In: Journal of Cleaner Production. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.03.086.

"CO2 direct air capture (DAC) has been increasingly discussed as a climate change mitigation option. Despite technical advances in the past decade, there are still misconceptions about DAC's current and long-term costs as well as energy, water and area demands. This could undermine DAC's anticipated role in a neutral or negative greenhouse gas emission energy system, and influence policy makers. In this study, a literature review and techno-economic analyses of state-of-the-art DAC technologies are performed, wherein, DAC technologies are categorised as high temperature aqueous solutions (HT DAC) and low temperature solid sorbent (LT DAC) systems, from an energy system perspective."


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