Davies, Philip A.; et al. (2018): Desalination as a Negative Emissions Technology

Davies, Philip A.; Yuan, Qingchun; Richter, Renaud Charles de (2018): Desalination as a Negative Emissions Technology. In Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol. DOI: 10.1039/C7EW00502D.

"In this study, we propose treating desalination reject brine by electrolysis to form Mg(OH)2 and thus absorb CO2 via the oceans. The energy and water penalties associated with the electrolysis are calculated as 1.8 GJ/tCO2 and 13.7 m3/tCO2 respectively, making it an interesting option in comparison with some other types of NET. However, NET-modification more than doubles the specific energy consumption of a reverse-osmosis desalination plant. It is concluded that NET-desalination has potential to contribute to CDR in arid countries (especially if solar energy is used) thus helping to meet Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) following the COP21 summit."


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