Clingerman, Forrest; et al. (2017): Character and Religion in Climate Engineering

Clingerman, Forrest; O'Brien, Kevin J.; Ackerman, Thomas P. (2017): Character and Religion in Climate Engineering. In Issues in Science & Technology 34 (1).

"Here we seek to point out a useful but often-neglected conversation partner that can aid these discussions: religion. Religious traditions offer concepts and vocabularies for addressing ethics and policy. Religion is formatively influential for a majority of the world’s population, but is too often ignored in discussions of the social dimensions of climate engineering. Though we are not suggesting that all ethics and policy must “be religious,” we do argue that everyone (believers and nonbelievers alike) can profit from analyzing the distinctive moral and political ideas emerging from religious traditions and worldviews. In particular, we hold that religion is important to broaden the conversation to include the moral issue of character."


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