Call for papers: The Economics of Climate Engineering

Deadline for submission of papers: 01.02.2012

EAERE 2012 conference in Prague with one panel on "The Economics of Climate Engineering".

"Currently, alternative technical measures for counteracting climate change are discussed, where climate engineering (CE) is the blanket term used to refer to such measures. On the face of it, certain measures that directly influence the earth's radiation budget apparently hold out prospects of influencing temperature within a matter of years, but their actual application might lead to a new, artificial climate with various characteristics that are hitherto unknown. However, initial estimates suggested that the operational costs for these measures would be much lower than conventional emission control, implying that the global problem of climate change could be solved now by a single or small group of countries.

Certain CE technologies represent a distinctive new option with respect to their effectiveness in influencing the radiation budget, their ostensibly low operational costs, and not least their novelty value in the climate change reaction portfolio. Consequently, this session should be about analyzing the economic aspects of CE in greater detail with a special emphasis on incentives and strategic interactions on the existing response options to climate change, mitigation and adaptation.

Advancing economic theoretical insights into the incentives and the functioning of CE measures illustrate the complexity of the role of CE in the quest for avoiding dangerous climate change. They show that CE may be able or even may need to play a role in controlling climate change. Discussing economic issues of climate engineering and also which strategic implications might already follow from researching it, is a very interesting and necessary aspect of the overall climate change debate."

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