Call for Abstracts: Marine-based management of atmospheric carbon dioxide and ocean acidification

Deadline: 31. July 2019

"Ocean biology, chemistry and physics play a central role in naturally controlling oceanic/atmospheric COlevels. To avoid major global climate impacts and ocean acidification, reducing COemissions is no longer sufficient; COremoval from the ocean/atmosphere system is now also required. This session will explore ways of restoring, enhancing, and augmenting naturally-occurring marine processes for regulating oceanic and atmospheric COand ocean acidity levels. Specific examples include, but are not limited to: Blue Carbon, macrophyte introduction, aquaculture, permaculture, nutrient enrichment, marine BECCS, enhanced weathering, alkalinity addition, enhanced upwelling/downwelling, and chemical or physical seawater COstripping, conducted at local to global scales. In addition to technical aspects, presentations on the economic, regulatory, policy, geopolitical, governance, legal and ethical implications of the preceding are also invited."


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