Bracmort, K., Lattanzio, R. K., and Barbour, E. C. (2010), Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy

Report for the Congressional Research Service of the USA. "As a participant in several international agreements on climate change, the United States has joined with other nations to express concern about climate change. However, at the national level the United States has not yet developed a comprehensive climate change policy. In the absence of a comprehensive policy direction, technological advances are creating alternatives to the traditional approaches to climate change (mitigation and adaptation). […] With the possibility that geoengineering technologies may be developed and climate change remains an issue of global concern, policymakers may determine whether geoengineering is an issue that warrants attention at either the federal or international level. If so, policymakers will also need to consider whether geoengineering can be effectively addressed by amendments to existing laws and international agreements or, alternatively, whether new laws and international treaties would need to be developed."

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