Amonette, James E.; et al. (2021): Integrated biochar research: A roadmap

Amonette, James E.; Blanco-Canqui, Humberto; Hassebrook, Chuck; Laird, David A.; Lal, Rattan; Lehmann, Johannes; Page-Dumroese, Deborah (2021): Integrated biochar research: A roadmap. In Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 76 (1), 24A-29A. DOI: 10.2489/jswc.2021.1115A.

"A scientific consensus is building that the drawdown of very large amounts (at least 1,000 Gt [1.1 × 1012 tn]) of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere will be needed to stabilize the earth’s climate system at a safe temperature (Hansen et al. 2008Cao and Caldeira 2010IPCC 20182019)."


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