Amann, Thorben; et al. 2020: “Enhanced Weathering and Related Element Fluxes – a Cropland Mesocosm Approach.”

Amann, Thorben, Jens Hartmann, Eric Struyf, Wagner de Oliveira Garcia, Elke K. Fischer, Ivan Janssens, Patrick Meire, and Jonas Schoelynck. 2020: “Enhanced Weathering and Related Element Fluxes – a Cropland Mesocosm Approach.” Biogeosciences 17 (1): 103–19.

‌"In order to evaluate the efficiency and side effects of Enhanced Weathering (EW), a mesocosm experiment was set up and agricultural soil from Belgium was amended with olivine-bearing dunite ground to two different grain sizes, while distinguishing setups with and without crops."


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