Kiel, 12. August 2019

Summer School: Geoengineering the Climate: Impacts and the Developing World

12. - 16. August 2019, Beijing / CHN

"Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is the most radical, controversial, and rapidly acting form of geoengineering. SRM is a set of proposals to reduce the impacts of climate change by means such as sulfate aerosol injection or marine cloud brightening. This school will focus on interpreting and analysing computer simulation of SRM from the international Geoengineering Intercomparison project (GeoMIP) Geoengineering Large Ensemble of Simulations (GLENS) using the CESM+WACCM model. [...] Apply before March 30 by sending a 300 word explanation of your motivation for attending, and current CV. Also indicate if and how much travel support is needed.  For further information and applications please contact John Moore john.moore.bnu (at)"


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