Kiel, 30. September 2015

Conference: Oxford GGR Conference

30.09.2015, Oxford/UK

"A meeting will be held in Oxford between Wednesday 30 September and Friday 2 October 2015 to explore the issues associated with removing CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Please save the date - further details will be circulated shortly.

This event aims to bring together the international community of stakeholders with an interest in this field. This will include academics, policymakers, NGOs, industry, research council funders and the media. The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Present the findings of latest developments in this field
  • Explore what regulatory changes would be required to incentivise the development and deployment of GGR techniques
  • Discuss the creation of a coordination centre to keep interested parties informed about developments and form the basis for collaboration on research and development across institutions and across disciplines

The Oxford GGR Conference will be take place at the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford and is being supported by funding from Climate-KIC (the EU’s main climate innovation initiative) and the Virgin Earth Challenge (a competition offering a $25 million prize for whoever can demonstrate a commercially viable design which results in the permanent removal of greenhouse gases out of the Earth's atmosphere, so as to contribute materially to avoiding climate change).

Attendance at the meeting will be by invitation and application. Details of the application process will be circulated shortly.


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