Kiel, 04. November 2021

Event: The Annual Meeting of Finnish Geographers 2021

04. - 05. November 2021, Oulu/ Finland

"Panel 4: Climate intervention – a phenomenon of the Anthropocene: Climate engineering, climate intervention and geoengineering are names referring to a set of emerging technologies that are currently developed to complement the toolbox for the fight against climate change. Climate intervention is essentially a phenomenon of the Anthropocene. Whereas climate change has shown that humans are capable of unintentionally altering the climate of our planet, geoengineering has been suggested as a strategy to buy time for efficient mitigation measures to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, the impacts of different deployment options are distributed unevenly, and it is also feared that the introduction of climate intervention technologies may reduce the political will to climate change mitigation. Climate intervention can take place by various methods from solar radiation management to carbon dioxide removal, and targeted methods such as ice sheet conservation. Besides the technological aspects, also the governance of geoengineering is currently studied and developed.This session welcomes presentations that discuss all forms of climate intervention from any of the following viewpoints: governance, design of implementation options, ethics, technological development, public perceptions, co-production of knowledge, climate interventions as a strategy to deal with climate change, and many more."


Location: Oulu, Finland

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