# New Publications


Hourdequin, M. (2018): Geoengineering Justice

Hourdequin, M. (2018): Geoengineering Justice. In: Science, Technology & Human Values 26 (6), 016224391880289. DOI: 10.1177/0162243918802893.

"Global-scale solar geoengineering raises critical ethical questions, including questions of distributive, procedural, and intergenerational justice. Although geoengineering is sometimes framed as a response to injustice, insofar as it might benefit those most vulnerable to climate-related harms, geoengineering also has the potential to exacerbate climate injustice, especially if control of research, governance, and potential plans for deployment remains concentrated in the hands of a few. The scope and scale of solar geoengineering, the diverse concerns it raises, and the lack of consensus surrounding it pose particular challenges for justice."


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