Our Intention

files/kei/layout/img/Logos_start_.pngThe intention of this website is to provide scientists, stakeholders and the interested public with up-to-date information about the emerging debate on Climate Engineering. The website is an initiative of the Kiel Earth Institute in cooperation with the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE). It is open to further scientific partners.

We went online on September 30th 2011 and have been updating news regularly since. Older entries are not intended to be exhaustive.




Climate Engineering

ce_grafikClimate engineering covers technologies both for removing the causes and for treating the symptoms of anthropogenic climate change. The former are called carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies because they reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, the latter radiation management (RM) technologies because they directly influence radiation balance and therefore temperature. CDR technologies use biological, chemical, or physical processes to cause the ocean or terrestrial biosphere to absorb atmospheric CO2 or directly store it geologically. RM technologies either reduce the Earth’s short-wave solar radiation or increase its reflection, or increase long-wave thermal radiation into space.


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