July 2018


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Lecture: The National Security Implications of Solar Geoengineering: An Australian Perspective

21. July 2018, Brisbane / Australia

Presentation at the 25th World Congress of Political Science. "This paper seeks to explore the main national security implications for Australia if a regional state, or group of states, decide to begin a solar geoengineering program. It will restrict its discussion to the international security, diplomatic and foreign policy implications; although there are clearly also serious ecological and agricultural concerns. The analysis proceeds in four parts."



# Events


Conference: EASST2018

25.-28. July 2018, Lancaster / UK

Two panels on climate engineering:

"In this context, and in step with many other progressive responses, the EASST 2018 Conference will explicitly bring together, promote and celebrate meetings between, and differences within, the cultural and intellectual constituencies of STS. STS is located at the connexions of people, things and values. It is engaged with our sociotechnical lives and explores our interdependencies with multiple others. Preoccupations with logic and epistemology in early STS have been mixed with an intensified concern with aesthetics, values, ontologies, politics and emotions. Our conference theme promotes generative mixing through meetings in all senses of this word: as a practical activity, a substantive topic, a political engagement and as theoretical exploration."