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Lecture: Climate Engineering: Benefits, Risks, Governance Challenges

17. January 2018

Speaker Ted Parson. "The treatment of CE thus far in climate research, assessment, scenarios, and policy debates has been gravely inadequate. In view of the prospects CE poses for great benefit or harm, it urgently requires expanded systematic research, and serious critical examination in climate-change assessments and scenarios – despite the challenges such examination will pose to many comforting, widely shared presumptions of climate policy debates. The prospect of CE also poses acute challenges to international decision-making and institutions – whether the aim is to use it competently, prudently, and legitimately as part of an effective strategic climate response, or to make an effective and enforceable decision to renounce it. Having an informed capability to deal with domestic and international policy challenges related to CE when they arise – which they will – requires urgent attention to its capabilities, risks, and governance needs."